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This is a special edition newsletter focusing on recruitment news produced by the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) in the framework of the EU funded project Rights and Jobs in Journalism.

The newsletter highlights key trends, tips and best practices in recruitments and union services shared by the EFJ affiliates in the workshop held by the Danish Journalists’ Union (DJ) on 11 – 12 May in Copenhagen, Denmark. More information (including videos) will be published soon on our website 

Membership makes unions stronger

Membership makes unions stronger

Top 10 tips on recruitment and serving membership Membership makes unions stronger. How do unions reach out and engage youth while developing services that cater for the needs of a wide range of membership? This was the theme of the EFJ workshop on “Let’s organise, invest in youth and services” attended by 30 union leaders and recruitment officers from the …

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Danish Union of Journalists 

17.000 members, yearly growth in membership of  + 3 % despite financial crisis and increased competition 

How ? Full-time recruitment officer, create anchors in target groups, hire (and pay) students to recruit students, engage stewards at workplaces, investigate the market and competitors, review union communications, think in the shoes of members and simply procedures for joining the union, ask members why they join or leave the union and review recruitment strategies and union services

From innovation to actions

Unions and associations of journalists have been discussing key issues in the changing media landscape (new media, freelancers, trainings, representative unions) in order to turn the challenges into opportunities for journalists and their unions. In the workshop, union representatives has taken a positive approach based on sharing practical tips, informations and strategy to build stronger unions around Europe. 

De Correspondent (NL) – Quality Journalism prevails

"Follow the journalists instead of the media", that's the idea behind this new initiative called De Correspondent in the Netherlands. The digital platform that is proud of its quality journalism managed to raised 1,5 million euros via crowdfunding since its launched in 2014. Today, it still operates healthy with an increase of paid subscriber to 44.000. One ways to ensure the quality of journalism, De Correspondent invests in staff by spending over 50% of its operative cost in staff salaries.

Trends in the UK

In the last 10 years, jobs in journalism are not declining but shifting from traditional media to online media, according to a study produced by Mark Spilsbury for Creative Skillset, specialised rechearcher on labour markets, employment and education.  

How to attract young people ? 

Turkey : "The secret to attract young members for your union is... to have young people in your board", said Mustafa Kuleli, General Secretary of the Journalists Union of Turkey (TGS).

Germany : "Special facebook accounts are managed by young members of Deutscher Jounralisten-Verband (DJV). This gives them self-esteem and creates a new community for the trade union," explained Eva Werner (DJV).   

Denmark : "The big annual Media Festival, organised by the Danish Journalists’ Union (DJ), attracts a lot of young journalists and communications workers. More than 1.400 paying participants are following each year this festival," said Mogens Blicher Bjerregard (EFJ President and DJ's former president).


Unions and associations created their Welcome Packs to attract new members!

Here are some ideas from journalists’ unions from around Europe.


Freebies as teasers

Free parking for members has been an attractive tool to attract local journalists, said Dragan Sekulovski from the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (ZNM). The union has negotiated a good deal for their members.


EFJ kicks off "Rights and jobs in journalism" project

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) kicked off a two-year project "Rights and jobs in journalism" in a preparatory meeting held in Brussels with project partners. The project's steering committee and representatives from four partner organisations (Trade Union of Croatian Journalists, Slovenian Association of Journalists, Federacion de servicios a la ciudadania de CC.OO, Danish Union of Journalists) discussed what measures …

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Let us know you better! Tell us about your union’s action.

The EFJ has created a short survey aiming to collect latest information among EFJ affiliates to provide an overview of the current recruitment strategy, development of services and youth in journalists' unions. This will help the EFJ map out the situation in our membership better its services for members in this area in the future. 19 members have already responded. If you have not responded yet, respond now before 15 June! It only takes you 10 minute to answer the survey.

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The media industry are undergoing drastic changes due to the emergence of new technologies in the way news are produced and consumed as well as the structural changes driven by the economic crisis. The emergence of online journalists, social media journalists, multi-media journalists, entrepreneurial journalists and many other forms of doing journalism has not only challenged the traditional notion of being a journalist, it has also led to demand for jobs, new skills, training and protection of their professional and social rights.

With the financial support of the European Commission (DG Employment), the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) is undertaking this two-year project (from January 2015 - 2017) to help journalists' unions in Europe to face these challenges and embrace the new opportunities. The projects partners include : The European Federation of Journalists (Europe), TUCJ (Croatia), FSC-CC.OO (Spain), Dansk Journalistforbund (Denmark), Drustvo Novinarjev Slovenije (Slovenia). All responsibilities regarding the contents and the actions belong to the authors only and should not be considered as reflecting the views of the European Union.


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