Gender Pay Gap in Journalism

Read the Gender Pay Gap in Journalism report

Safety Guidelines for Women Journalists Working in War Zones

(2014 / English and Arabic) Read the IFJ Safety Guidelines for Women Journalists Working in War Zones: – English version – Arabic version

EFJ Policy on Sexual Harassment

(2014 / English and French versions) Read the EFJ Policy on Sexual Harassment: English version French version

IFJ/EFJ survey report on women in journalists’ unions in Europe ( 2013) + RUJ responses

Please read the survey report HERE

The right thing – An authors’ rights handbook for journalists – English and French

This is a manual for journalists in Europe, on authors’ rights. Authors’ rights laws provide the legal foundation for charging money for journalists’ work – as the law of ownership of physical property is the foundation for the business of a shoe-maker or a pin-factory. In other words, authors’ rights are in economic theory what gives journalists’ essentially non-physical product, words and pictures, value in the market. Labour rights laws intervene to give journalists the right to be paid for their time and first use of their work. Read in English or French  

Mapping changes in employment

In 2012 the EFJ and EURO-MEI carried out a joint project on mapping changes in employment in the media and journalism industry. The project assessed the impact of employment changes on the media and journalism industry on journalists and media workers. It analyzed the employment changes and illustrated how these changes impact on trade union representation and organizing. The survey focuses on two case studies, France and the U.K, but also takes into consideration other countries. Please click HERE to read the final report. The EFJ is the European group of the International Federation of Journalists The EFJ represents over 260,000…

IFJ/EFJ author’s rights manual – English and French version

Read the IFJ / EFJ author’s rights manual in: English French

Gender equality best practices handbook – English version

Click HERE to read the English version of the Gender equality best practices handbook.

Getting the facts right: Reporting ethnicity and religion

Click HERE to read the IFJ report on Getting the facts right: Reporting ethnicity and religion.

Managing change in journalism: innovation and trade unions in the news industry

(2011) The media industry is undergoing a revolutionary change. Only few actors attempt to untangle the changing relationship and deal with some important questions raised over the quality of journalism and the increasingly volatile working conditions faced by journalists. The report Managing Change in Journalism published by the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) attempts to answer these questions through a thorough analysis of a drastically changing media environment. Download the report