Workshop on social protection for self-employed workers

Within its strategy of better defending self-employed workers in terms of rights, wages and social protection, the ETUC is engaged in the project “New trade union strategies for new forms of employment”. From September 6 to 7, the second workshop in the framework of the mentioned project will bring together 30 tradeunionists from all over Europe to Paris with the aim of studying innovative ways to guarantee a better social protection to said category of workers. The profile of the participants shought by the ETUC is trade union leaders and officers who are in charge of the issue of organizing…

ETUFs meeting

The EFJ GS will attend the meeting of the European Trade Union Federations.

ETUC joint project on TCAs

Trade union meeting on “Building on experiences: a win-win approach to transnational industrial relations in MNCs” (in preparation of the 1st steering committee of the joint project on TCAs). The event is composed of a study event on the 6th July in the afternoon and a public panel debate with the participation of Luca Visentini and Sharan Barrow on the 7thJuly in the morning.

ETUC TCA Project Meeting

The next ETUC-ETUFs preparatory meeting on TCAs will take place at the ITUH (ETUC meeting room on the 7th floor) on Monday 19th June (10am – 4pm). Thge EFJ will be represented by its Projects Officer Yuk Lan Wong.

ETUC Mid-term Conference

Date and venue The ETUC Mid-term Conference will take place from 30 to 31 May, 2017, in Rome. Agenda • Panel discussions. • Examination and adoption of the Declaration(s). • Amendments to the Constitution. – Examination of the Ad-Hoc Constitution Committee activity report. – Adoption of the amendments to the Constitution

ETUC Extraordinary Enlarged Steering Committee

The ETUC is convening an Extraordinary Enlarged Steering Committee, for Trade Union Leaders only, to coordinate and discuss on: • The European Pillar of Social Rights • The White Paper on the future of Europe and the Reflection documents linked to it • AOB

Building on experiences : a win-win approach to transnational industrial relations in multinational companies

Lead Applicant : European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) Associated organisations : BusinessEurope, CEEP, BDA, DA, MEDEF, EFBWW, EFFAT, EFJ, EPSU, ETF, IndustriAll and UNI Europa Project financially supported by : DG EMPL 01 Budget Line – European Union In recent years, Transnational Company Agreements (TCAs) have become an increasing practice in multinational companies (MNCs). This is the result of the internationalisation of industrial relations in which European and International trade unions (TUs) on the one hand, and some MNC’s, on the other hand, have found a common ground for action. In previous years, both the ETUC and BUSINESSEUROPE have worked…

Meeting ETUC and ETUFs GS as well as the Get Together

4pm-6pm: meeting ETUC and ETUFs GS Agenda: 1) Cooperation between ETUC and ETUFs 2) Dealing with the Commission and the future of Europe 3) Pay rise campaign and mobilising our member organisations 4) Future of work 5) Organising and capcity building 6) AOB 6pm-8pm:  Get Together

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