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Media Against Hate

Uphold our ethical standards

EU journalists trained to counter hate speech and manage an online community

The role of the media, the responsibilities of social networks, as well as legal tools and initiatives of civil society organisations to counter hate in the media were the main issues debated during  the workshop organised in Rome on 20 and 21 November 2017, in the framework of the Media Against Hate project. After the introduction by […]

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MAH workshop tackles gender equality and hate speech against female journalists

The third CMFE media literacy workshop part of the Media Against Hate campaign took place at Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik in Hamburg on November 23rd – 24th as a pre-event to the first Conference on Migration and Media Awareness. A round table discussion on the topic of “Empowerment and protection of women journalists and media makers” opened the […]

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Manifesto of Venice against gender-based violence

The “Manifesto of Venice”, a manifesto for gender equality and correct information, will be launched on the World Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls, on 25 November 2017. Signed by 800 journalists, including directors of national newspapers in Italy, the manifesto will be launched by the EFJ affiliate in Italy, the Federazione Nazionale […]

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Report shows a “pattern of invisibility” of refugees and migrants in European media

There is a “pattern of invisibility” of refugees and migrants in European media, says the report Changing the narrative: media representation of refugees and migrants in Europe presented on 16 November 2017 at the Brussels Press Club. The report monitored a sample of media on three given days in seven European countries – Greece, Italy, Spain, Serbia, the United Kingdom, […]

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European Parliament: fighting racism and xenophobia in the media

‘Race, racism and xenophobia in a global context III’ was the topic of conversation on 9th November, in a conference organised by Italian Member of the European Parliament (MEP), S&D Cecile Kyenge in collaboration with New York University (NYU). EFJ director Renate Schroeder attended the conference, to speak about the ever more challenging role of journalists in an age of increased racism and hate speech. Opening the […]

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EU Journalists Report on Migration during Workshop in London

The most recent journalistic breakthrough story about the culture of abuse and neglect in an immigration detention centre near London happened in the same week in which the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) gathered 15 European journalists at the workshop organised as part of the  Media against Hate project. After the BBC programme Panorama revealed evidence of […]

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How to avoid hate when discussing Muslim affairs?

This article was originally published on the Ethical Journalism Network’s website.  The UK press regulator IPSO has received hundreds of complaints concerning a column in the British newspaper ‘The Sun’ in which the phrase “the Muslim Problem” – by many perceived as a reference to the Nazi terminology “the Jewish Problem” – was used. The affiliate of […]

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ILO launches 2017 global media competition on labour migration

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is launching a global media competition to recognize exemplary media coverage on labour migration. The objective is to encourage quality reporting on labour migration. Such reporting is all the more significant as media often promotes a toxic public narrative based on nationality, national origin, gender and migratory status misperceptions, reinforcing […]

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