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IOM Study: Improving data on missing migrants

Since 2014, more than 22,500 migrant deaths and disappearances have been recorded by the International Organization for Migration globally. The real figure could be much higher, but many deaths are never recorded. Fatal Journeys Volume 3 – Part 1 provides a global review of existing data sources, and illustrates the need for improvements in the ways that […]

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Media regulatory authorities and hate speech in the Balkan

The Council of Europe has published a report on media regulatory authorities in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovinia, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Serbia and hate speech.

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Should “hate speech” be free?

This article was originally published on the ARTICLE 19’s website.   Recent events in the US have not only shown clearly the disturbing levels of hatred espoused by those following neo-Nazi and white supremacist ideologies, but they have also shown the power of challenging such views, and highlighted the issues around ‘hate speech’ and freedom […]

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Strategies to Counter Hate Speech

How do journalists deal with hate speech? Should you ignore them, confront them or report about them to the authorities? Read about the strategies to confront hate speech.

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Report: How did the media reflect migration in 2015?

Since the arrival of almost a million refugees and migrants to Europe in 2015, media in most countries has been filled with images of migrants fleeing war, suffering or losing their lives during their journey. How has Europe responded and specifically – what has the media coverage been like? The Department of Media and Communications […]

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Germany: Draft Bill on Social Networks raises serious free expression concerns

This article was originally published on ARTICLE19 website. In April 2017, ARTICLE 19 analysed the Draft Bill on the Improvement of Enforcement of Rights in Social Networks (the Draft Bill), which has recently been approved by the cabinet of the Federal Government of Germany. The analysis shows that the Draft Bill raises serious concerns under […]

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Hate speech: a dilemma for journalists the world over

By Cherian George. This article was originally published on the EJN website.   Hate speech presents a major challenge to today’s journalism. Socially conscious journalists have been rightly alarmed at how rapidly hate-filled messages seep into, and often overwhelm, comment on the internet. Less talked about is how journalists’ own professional procedures — including how […]

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UNESCO study: Countering online hate speech

The opportunities offered by the Internet vastly outweigh its challenges. While not forgetting this, we must nevertheless address the problems that come with it. Hate speech online is one such problem – examined in this study with an eye to practical counter-strategies. The study published by UNESCO provides a global overview of the dynamics characterizing hate […]

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