Expert Group on Digital Media

At the General Meeting in Verviers (Belgium) in 2013, the EFJ adopted a resolution to form a new expert group that should focus on the topics online, cross-media workings and digitisation. The group, which was called at the beginning Converging Media Expert Group (CONEG) met only twice so far. At its last meeting it agreed to call itself “Expert Group on Digital Media (DEG)”.

The group aims at getting concise data about:

  • Changing media landscape, is all media turning digital?;
  • Changing labour rights and working conditions of journalists working for digital media;
  • Changing union policy, services and recruitment policies for digital journalists

Important for EFJ affiliates is to know what members need when going digital, as employed or as freelance, as a young journalist starting or as a mid- career journalist or as an entrepreneur/self-employed. The group decided at its meeting on 25 June to conduct a survey in the countries where the group is present: Germany, Austria, UK, Italy, Spain, and if possible the Netherlands.

The survey has been circulated to all affiliates and is open to journalists’ members and non- members: survey:

The EFJ will also try to influence the debate within the European Union  on the European digital agenda , which in its current form does not include working conditions and many other issues of great importance when it comes to digitalisation.