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How media are fighting fake news and disinformation?

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in collaboration with the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) organised today (29/03/2017) a media lunch time debate on How is Europe’s Media fighting fake news and disinformation. Ricardo Guiterrez, EFJ General Secretary, acting as the moderator of the debate, stated the importance of media literary on this issue. “Fake news are not a bad news for journalists. Need them more than ever before”, he said after sharing the latest report on fake news published by Reuters. My message at @EBU_HQ @EFJEUROPE conf: Fake news are not a bad news for journalists. Need them more than ever before —…

Alarming : at least 19 new attacks against journalists in Macedonia since 2016

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), the largest organisation of journalists in Europe representing over 320,000 journalists in 71 journalists’ organisations across 43 countries, has received today (24/03/2017) an alarming letter from the WB Regional platform for advocating media freedom and journalists’ safety expressing “deepest concerns at the unprecedented attacks on journalists in the Republic of Macedonia”. Based on the fact reported by the Regional platform mentioning at least 19 new attacks against journalists since the beginning of 2016, the EFJ is calling Macedonian authorities to take concrete actions to prevent further attacks against journalists and media workers active in the country and…

Russia: 13 journalists detained, more beaten during protests

The International and European Federation of Journalists (IFJ and EFJ) have today condemned the detention of at least 13 international and local journalists by Russian authorities during nationwide anti-corruption protests on 26 March. The demonstrations were not officially authorised in many Russian cities including Moscow and Saint-Petersburg which led to the detention of hundreds of people. Six journalists – among them two international correspondents – were detained in the capital Moscow, three in Saint-Petersburg and four more in other Russian cities. Reports added that the police also threatened and hit some reporters to prevent them from covering the demonstrations. Journalist…

Mass detentions of journalists in Belarus

Update (28.03.2017): Aliaksandr Barazenka, Belsat cameraman, who was sentenced to 15 days in jail yesterday, announced a hunger strike. On March 25 he was detained by the police, while covering the protests in Minsk. Despite repeating several times during the detention that he is a journalist, he was charged with “minor hooliganism”. More journalists were prosecuted in Belarus today: Dzianis Ivashyn was sentenced to 5 days in jail, Kanstantsin Mardzvintsau to 15 days in jail, Syarjuk Kijko to 12 days in jail and Viktar Stukau was fined. In Belarus, since Friday March 24, 2017 the law enforcement agencies detained 55 (totally…

Media Against Hate: apply now for the media literacy training on freedom of speech and human rights!

Applications for the second international Media Literacy workshop co-organised by CMFE Community Media Forum Europe and COMMIT Community Medien Institut within the Media Against Hate Campaign are now open here! It will take place in Olsztyn, Poland, on 8-9 June 2017. The workshop will address the following topics: Freedom of expression and respect of human rights – where are the boundaries and what is hate speech? (training) Muslims in the Media – Round table discussion with local and international experts (in cooperation with OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights) The trainers will be: Gordana Knezevic, award-winning journalist, “Balkans…

Serbian journalist sentenced to jail for unauthorised publication

Freelance journalist Stefan Cvetkovic was found guilty by the court in in the city of Vrsac for unauthorised publication and presentation of another’s texts, portraits and recordings on March 14. He received two years and three months in jail and must pay €17,000 fine for insult. According to the legal advisor of Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia (NUNS), Cvetkovic had filed complaints against the judgment and is waiting for the second instance court ruling. He has not been detained till the appeal. Cvetkovic was prosecuted after the complain by three officials from the ruling party. The well-known journalist was investigating…