Croatia: Journalist Mladen Mirković brutally attacked by Požega mayor

The Western Balkan’s Regional Platform for Advocating Media Freedom and Journalists’ Safety(*) expressed its deepest concerns following the physical attack on May 12 against Croatian journalist Mladen Mirković in the town of Požega. The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) backs its six affiliates in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia and Macedonia, in calling on the authorities to swiftly investigate the case. The assaillant was Požega mayor Vedran Neferović. According to Mirković, the attack happened after the mayor invited him for a meeting at his office. He wanted to know who had written some articles published on the website the journalist is working for, In a…

Resolutions 2017 EFJ AM Bucharest

The General Meeting of the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) on 18 & 19 May, 2017 adopted a series of resolutions and statements.   Resolutions Statements & declarations (French version available soon)