European Federation of Journalists

Seminar: “New EU Copyright Law: How to get a fair share for journalists?”

The EFJ is organising with AJP and VVJ, on 19-20 March, a seminar to discuss the implementation of the new copyright directive, with a focus on articles 15 and 17, authors’ remuneration and the transparency provisions necessary to implement them. This workshop is part of the EFJ project ‘‘Trust in quality journalism’’ which is co-financed by the European Commission DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion programme. The workshop is hosted by the Professional Journalists’ Association of Belgium (AJP/VVJ).  

EFJ and IFJ urge the adoption of Copyright Directive and any possible improvements

The European and International Federations of Journalists (EFJ-IFJ) call on the European Parliament to adopt a copyright directive that benefits all journalists. Since it was first introduced, both journalists’ federations have worked jointly and tirelessly, supporting the proposal and working to improve it. The federations continue to seek improvements and clarifications in the lead up to the crunch vote on its adoption this month. The proposed directive, the federations say, includes important provisions for the creative and media industries and for authors. It offers the publishing industry and journalists a share of the revenue their work generates online (Article 11),…

EU Copyright Directive is a step in the right direction but still needs to be improved

The first copyright law reform in the EU in almost two decades is designed to give authors, artists, musicians, journalists and publishers a better chance of being paid when their work appears on the internet. A final draft of the new EU Copyright Directive was approved on Wednesday night in Strasbourg. It now needs approval by EU governments at meeting that is likely to be next week and will then be voted on by the European Parliament in March or April. “The Directive offers improved rewards for all authors, including reporters, feature writers and photographers. It is not perfect –…

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