Bosnia and Herzegovina: Political influence hampers media freedom

This month, the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) has welcomed its new member from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the the Bosnia-Herzegovina Journalists’ Association (BHJA). In this feature article, the EFJ has interviewed Borka Rudic, General Secretary of the association to tell us the challenges facing journalists and the union. About the BHJA The BHJA was founded in 2004 as an umbrella association of journalists in Bosnia-Herzegovina with activities covering the entire territory of the country. It has 750 members from all sectors of the media and all types of journalists and media workers (including freelance journalists, journalism students, photograhers, proofreaders, cameramen).…


Bosnia-Herzegovina Journalists’ Association – BHN Address Krajla Trvrtka 5/V, 71000 Sarajevo Staff Marko Divković (President) Borka Rudic (General Secretary) Arman Fazlic (Coordinator) Phone +387 33 217 302 Email bhnovinari(at)bhnovinari(dot)ba Contact Person Borka Rudic, borka.rudic(at) Arman Fazlic, arman.fazlic(at) Website