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EFJ Focus June 2017

The EFJ newsletter, EFJ Focus, is available in English and German. EDITORIAL EU moving forward on journalists’ rights protection When the EFJ was established twenty five years ago, one of its aims was to lobby EU institutions for the interests of journalists. Currently, the EFJ is making progress on influencing: the proposed EU copyright directive the protection of whistleblowers the consultation to provide social protection and equal rights for freelance journalists We have built alliances with authors’ organisations to ensure the protection of authors’ rights in the EU copyright directive while maintaining our cooperation with publishers on common topics. We…

EFJ-IFJ published a second special bulletin on Turkey

The International and European Federation of Journalists has published the second edition of its special bulletin called Set Journalism Free in Turkey. The bulletin details the agenda of the upcoming International Conference on Press Freedom and Labour Rights to be held mid-September in Istanbul, a summary of actions run by our affiliate TGS and the latest news about the international campaign on Set Journalism Free in Turkey. See the special edition HERE More information is available on our campaign page

EFJ Focus June 2015

Editorial  “Medal” for Azerbaijan for being leading jailer of journalists Mogens Blicher Bjerregård, EFJ President As the host of the first European Games, Azerbaijan has certainly won the “medal”, even before the opening of the game, for its reputation as one of the leading jailers of journalists and its hostile treatments towards journalists and media. While local journalists are being put behind bars for their critical voices, many foreign journalists are barred from entering the country to report about the Games. The press freedom situation is at its worst on record when Azerbaijan ordered to shut down the office of…

EFJ FOCUS, April 2015

The new issue of EFJ Focus is in English and German. To subscribe, simply click HERE. If you missed the previous issues, see our archives.

EFJ FOCUS, December 2014

The new issue of the EFJ Focus is now available in English. The German and the French version will soon be available.   To subscribe, simply click HERE. If you missed the previous issues, see our archives. (Photo Credit : Zaman UK Newspaper)

EFJ Focus, 9 October 2014

  table.mcnFollowContent {width:100% !important;} table.mcnShareContent {width:100% !important;}     Having trouble viewing this email? View this email in your browser Share Tweet Forward to Friend 13 October 2014 EDITORIAL When Governments are Losing Touch with Civil Society  As EFJ President, I was present at the International Governance Forum (IGF) in Istanbul at beginning of September in a global debate focusing on the development of the digital world and its impact issues most concerning journalists such as press freedom, protection of sources, safety and free access to information. During the discussion, a representative from Tunisia expressed framed in my view one of…

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