WPFD: Journalists have never before been subjected to as much violence and abusive treatment

Journalists in Europe have never before been subjected to as much violence and abusive treatment. Listen to our messages on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day. Ricardo Gutiérrez, EFJ General Secretary:   Renate Schroeder, EFJ Director: WPFD-BJV-1   Read also the Annual Report of the Council of Europe Platform For the Protection of Journalism and the Safety of Journalists and other Media Actors. #WorldPressFreedomDay #WPFD2020 #WPFD #EuropeForFreeMedia

Journalists Jailed in Turkey

World Press Freedom Day tomorrow: 32 journalists jailed in Europe

Ahead of World Press Freedom Day (#WPFD), tomorrow, the European Federation of Journalists strongly calls for release of imprisoned journalists in Europe. With their affiliates in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia and Belarus, the EFJ and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) are following closely the cases of 33 imprisoned journalists in Europe. All of them are in prison just for having done their job. Together with the Helsinki Commission, the EFJ call on again the authorities of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia to release those journalists who remain imprisoned. We will not forget them… Turkey (follow the IFJ/EFJ campaign “Set journalists free in Turkey”)…

World Press Freedom Day 2015

World Press Freedom Day in Riga and Brussels, 3 May 2015

Save the date: the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) will participate in the World Press Freedom Day, in Riga and Brussels, on 3rd May 2015. Riga event UNESCO leads the worldwide celebration co-hosted by UNESCO and the Government of Latvia, in Riga, from 2-4 May 2015. As official partners of the event, the IFJ and the EFJ will organise on 3 May (14:00-15:30) a panel discussion at the National Library, on “Regulation, Sustainable Self-regulation and Professional Standards” (speakers: Mr Jim Boumelha, President of the IFJ, Mr Mogens Blicher Bjerregård, President of the EFJ, Mr…