European Federation of Journalists

“The influence of online technologies on political-decision making”

Avenue de Tervuren 41 Brussels, Belgium

A foresight exercise on the future of the European information space organised by Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (DG JRC). The workshop seeks to explore possible future scenarios about the ways in which innovation in information technologies could shape political opinions and collective decisions.

The future of the European information space

Avenue de Tervuren 41 Brussels, Belgium

Foresight exercise Workshop: create possible scenarios on how innovation in information technology could affect political decision-making in the future.

Introducing the new coordinator for the ECA

SKYPE MEETING Introducing with the new Network Engagement Coordinator for Europe and Central Asia from IFEX. Discussing potential areas for collaboration and support with IFEX.  

FREG Online Meeting

Freelance Expert Group Meeting on Zoom, the online platform. (The AREG meeting was cancelled)

European Democracy Action Plan (EDAP) – Cancel

Philanthropy House Rue Royale 94, Brussels, Belgium

Meeting and results' survey The aim is to exchange information among civil society organisations on their positions, and share political intelligence. Change into an online meeting

Virtual Meeting on the European Democracy Action Plan – EDAP

VIRTUAL MEETING The virtual meeting will serve to exchange information among civil society organisations on their positions and ideas for the EDAP, with a view of informing a possible joint statement on the EDAP by a wide coalition of civil society organisations.

COVID-19 Virtual town hall

Online meeting on Zoom. The goal will be to share stories in an informal setting about how organisations and staff are dealing with disruptions and uncertainty caused by COVID-19, understand the issues we are facing that range from economic sustainability to managing remote work, and learn how to weather this crisis together.

Media Literacy Expert Group Meeting – Postpone

Zagreb , Croatia (Local Name: Hrvatska)

Meeting postpone, new date will be given in due time. Organised by the DIRECTORATE-GENERAL FOR COMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS, CONTENT AND TECHNOLOGY of the European Commission, representatives and observers will participate in the Media Literacy Expert Group meeting that will open the Second European Media Literacy Week. The EFJ will be represented by its Director, Renate Schroeder.