European Federation of Journalists

Online conference: Islam, Muslims and Journalism. Guidelines for Media


The EFJ GS will speak at Fundacion Al Fanar conference "Islam, Muslims and Journalism. Guidelines for Media". Language, the tool the journalist uses to describe the world around us, is also a factor when it comes to defining and constructing our imaginaries, the frameworks and settings within which we encase our immediate universe. Islam, Muslims and Journalism. Guidelines for Media seeks to provide data and recommendations so that journalists take into account the conceptual frameworks -which are loaded with negative stereotypes- within which we unconsciously constrict Islam and Muslims. This guide has been produced by Fundación Al Fanar in collaboration with European Institute of the…

European Commission study AVMSD

Focus group on Media ownership rules in the platform era, the Directive and its impact on transparency and regulations that restrict media ownership.  

Webinar on Addressing Collective Bargaining for Self-Employed: The Digital Services Act (DSA) Consultation and Next Steps organised by EAEA (FIM;FIA, UNI-MEI)

Webinar on Background: On June 30th 2020, the European Commission announced via Press Release that it was launching a process to address the issue of collective bargaining for the self-employed. In addition to undertaking some information gathering, the Commission also invited all interested stakeholders to submit their views via the relevant questions included in Section V of the current Digital Services Act consultation, open until September 8th. The application of competition rules to collective bargaining on behalf of self-employed workers has long been a major issue in the Media, Arts and Entertainment sector, resulting in the exclusion of certain professionals…

Meeting with the CoE Council of Ministers

Palais de L’Europe Strasbourg, France

The EFJ GS is invited to speak about media freedom in Europe at the plenary of the Council of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

DJV Congress “Better Online”

Renate Schroeder will discuss about the impact of Covid-19 on digital media in Europe, on economic and political.  

EU advocacy call coordinated by GMFD

Renate Schroeder will participate.

FREG Meeting

Vichy , France

Freg Meeting maybe will be held in Vichy

OSCE South East Europe Media Conference, 17- 18 September 2020

The online event will consist of four panel sessions:      Opportunities and Challenges in Establishing an Efficient National Mechanism for Protection of Journalists – Serbia and the Netherlands Working Groups for Safety of Journalists Unifying National Databases, Analysis and Reporting on Attacks and Violence against Journalists COVID-19’s Impact on Media Freedom in the Western Balkans Silencing Women Journalists – From Portraying to Online Harassment   For more detailed information, please consult the attached agenda. Visit the event page to read the agenda in Serbian, Albanian or Macedonian.   For more information on the speakers, please visit the event webpage.…