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Media Against Hate

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Media Literacy Training 3 – Empowerment and protection of women journalists and media makers

When? 23-24 November 2017

Where? Hamburg, Germany

Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE) is inviting applications for the third media literacy workshop part of the Media Against Hate campaign.

The workshop will take place at Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik in conjunction with the Conference on Media and Migration Awareness organized by Refugee Radio Network.

The workshop will address the following topics:

  • Empowerment and protection of women journalists and media makers (round table)
  • Creating hate-free media environments for young people – platforms and literacy skills (training)
  • The role of media in fostering inclusion and combating racial intolerance (conference)

Applications are open to community media practitioners, journalists, journalism schools and trainers, civil society organisations from EU countries.

Registration closed. Please see the programme here.

Three international media literacy workshops are taking place in 2017 (in Austria, Poland and Germany), organised by CMFE and COMMIT. The workshops will target community media practitioners, journalists, journalism schools and trainers, media regulatory bodies/authorities, press councils, civil society organisations (in particular migrants’/women’s organisations) and have the following objectives:

  • Mutual learning and cooperation activities as instruments for sharing concrete best practices transferable to different legal contexts, that are likely to increase efficient prevention of discrimination/hate speech, in particular against women journalists, refugees and migrants.
  • Development of counter-narratives through multilingual programs / campaigns fighting stereotypes and populism, taking creative examples from a local/small-scale to a broader context.
  • Addressing national issues specific to Germany, Austria and Poland due to the increasing hostile environment and hate speech against refugees, migrants and women.
  • Collect material and good practices for the development of an online training module
  • Share / exchange the training contents with other media sectors, journalism schools, civil society orgs, discriminated communities and individuals in different geographical regions
  • Multiply / anchor workshops’ results specifically within the community media sector through advocacy and communication through CMFE’s network inviting members to address the topic of hate speech/discrimination in editorial guidelines, train-the-trainer activities, participatory structures and quality management processes

The project is financially supported by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union, and co-funded by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (U.S.) and the Media & Internet Division of the Council of Europe.

In cooperation with Refugee Radio Network

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