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Media Against Hate

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Online Module: Inclusion through media

Published on 2018-05-30

The good practices and feedback collected during the media literacy workshops of the Media Against Hate Campaign all pointed to inclusion as one of the best strategies to prevent hate speech and discrimination.

This training module is based on the three international media literacy workshops that took place in 2017 (in Austria, Poland and Germany), organised by CMFE and COMMIT. The workshops addressed the topics of: Inclusive approaches to storytelling; freedom of expression and the respect of human rights – where are the boundaries and what is hate speech?; Creating hate-free media environments for young people – platforms and literacy skills.

The following resources and case studies highlight the role and responsibilities of media, civil society and institutions in enabling (or hindering) empowerment and participation of all members of society.We have identified 5 strands linked to the principle of inclusion: 1. Direct participation, 2. Gender equality, 3. Storytelling, 4. Language, 5. Audience interaction.

Please find here the online module on Inclusion through media

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