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Media Against Hate

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Online Module: Media Against ‘Hate Speech’

Published on 2018-05-30

This Training Module aims to help media regulators and law enforcement authorities to carry out their mission while respective the international freedom of expression standards. It is encouraged that this Training Module is used as a learning and discussion tool in their work.

Through case scenarios, the Module shows how international human rights standards on freedom of expression and equality should be applied in practice. The case scenarios outlined in this Module are inspired by real-life events. The Module refers to the original cases but facts have been slightly adapted to facilitate training and discussion.

The Training Module is a companion to ‘Hate Speech’ Explained: The Toolkit, published by ARTICLE 19, which contains a detailed analysis of international standards relating to freedom of expression, the right to equality, and ‘hate speech’. It explains how to identify ‘hate speech’ and how to effectively counter it while protecting the rights to freedom of expression and equality

Please find here the online module on media against ‘hate speech

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