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Published on 2017-03-21

Pamela Cioni is the communication manager of COSPE onlus, an Italian NGO that works in 30 countries worldwide on approximately 150 projects, alongside thousands of women and men. COSPE’s goal is to create change which guarantees equal and sustainable development, the respect of human rights, peace and justice among people.

Giulia Dessì is project manager at the Media Diversity Institute (MDI). MDI works with journalists, media decision makers, civil society organizations, journalism academics and students to prevent the media from intentionally or unintentionally spreading prejudice, intolerance and hatred which can lead to social tensions, disputes and violent conflict.

Helen Joseph is Senior Communications & Media Officer at Social Platform, the largest network of European rights- and value-based civil society alliances working in the social sector. Social Platform promotes social justice, equality and participatory democracy by voicing the concerns of its member organizations.

Katie Morris is Head of Europe and Central Asia at Article 19, an international human rights organisation that works globally to promote and protect freedom of expression and information. ARTICLE 19 advocates for the development of progressive standards on freedom of expression and access to information at the international level, and their implementation in national legal systems.

Monika Valečić is the program coordinator of the Croatian Journalists’ Association, a professional organization aimed at promoting freedom of the press and free speech in journalism, member of the European Federation of Journalists. CJA is based in Zagreb, it was founded in 1910 and currently has 2300 members.

maiz is … an independent organization by and for migrant women. Our goal is to better the lives and work situations of migrant women in Austria and to promote their political and cultural participation, as well as to transform the existing unjust social conditions. maiz is – Self-organization – Participation – Autonomy – Resistance – Transformation – Utopia