European Federation of Journalists

Digital Expert Group

At the General Meeting in Verviers (Belgium) in 2013, the EFJ adopted a resolution to form a new expert group that should focus on the topics online, cross-media workings and digitisation.

The main themes of the Digital Expert Group are the following:

Creating trust in digital media:

  • artificial intelligence; automated content and ethics;
  • how to deal with deep fakes and disinformation;
  • media literacy;
  • self-regulation in digital media;
  • transparency and accountability of Internet players;
  • new business models in digital journalism;

Organising in digital media and start-up economy.

The first meeting of the Digital Expert Group after the General Meeting in Tallinn will take place in Thessaloniki on 11 October.


European Parliament discusses democracy and challenges in journalism

The future role of media is under question – new online media companies are emerging, print advertising is in decline and there is more and more talk about ‘fake-news’, which contributes to losing readers’ trust. The Greens in the European Parliament organised on Wednesday (07/06/2017) a Democratic Discourse with experts discussing the new trends in the digital news landscape and how journalists and media outlets are living up to them. “The majority of professional journalism is still funded by newspapers – 69 % of the funds for professional journalism came from newspaper companies in the UK in 2012,” pointed out…

The use of social media for news is growing, says report on digital news

People are more and more relying on social media for news – This is the trend highlighted in the 2016 annual report on digital news published by the Reuters Institute for the study of journalism, although traditional media outlets are still considered as valuable and trusted brands. The study also suggests that the impact on publishers’ revenues has to be addressed. The use of platforms, social networks and mobiles should be combined with sustainable business models. The growth of social media The digital news report 2016 confirms what many studies highlighted before: television news and online news are the most…