Safety Risk Assessment

Journalists and media workers have always been considered “high risk” workers because of the nature of their work. The reality shows that there is an inadequacy in both the awareness of health and safety issues and the lack of protective measures and policy in place for journalists and media workers. 

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) provides journalists’ unions, media managers, editors and journalists with the Risk Assessment Platform – an online tool to help journalists and media workers assess and prepare for risks associated with your assignment. The platform was developed by safety experts who have experience in training journalists, media workers, media managers. They also contributed to the development of the online modules/training courses for journalists, journalists’ unions and media employers that you will soon find on our website. The online modules will be in-depth guidelines and case studies on health and safety situations at the workplace (fixed or mobile), that will also complement the online risk assessment platform. 

This online platform is accompanied with the online Safety Handbook which you should also consult for further in-depth information. The EFJ Secretariat is also available to take your queries and requests and you can contact us by emailing

How can I access the risk assessment?

You will have to allow the website to access your cookies for the platform to work. Then just click the button to start!

How long does the risk assessment take?

You only need 5-10 minutes to complete the assessment.

What do I need to know before completing the assessment?

The assessment is very straightforward. You will have to determine whether the risk is likely to appear during your assignment and, if so, how severe you think the impact will be. You will be asked to rate the likelihood and the impact from a scale of 1 to 5. This assessment is based entirely on your perception of the risk – so there are no wrong or right answers!

If you don’t think the risk applies to you, you can just answer “no” or leave it unanswered.

What will journalists/media workers get out of the assessment?

Once you’re done, you will be given customised advice to help mitigate the risks that the journalist might face during the assignment along with advice how to rapidly respond to the risks and what equipment to bring with you to prepare in advance.

You will also be able to visualise these risks to understand the risk level of the assignment. At the end, you will receive various documents that all journalists, media workers, editors and managers should consider and fill in before the assignment.

Is the assessment available in other languages?

The risk assessment is available in English though we hope to provide it in other European languages soon!