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Article – How radio can help refugees integrate

In the article “How radio can help refugees integrate” published on The Spectator website on 18th February, journalist Kate Chisholm explains the power of radio as a technology that can “get inside your mind”, in places where TV and online media are not accessible. It shows as an example the Documentary “Hope Speaks Out” broadcasted […]

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The Documentary: Hope speaks out – 15/02 on BBC

Media headlines often fuel fear about refugees. But what happens when refugees pick up the microphones and tell their own stories? Welcome to Refugee Radio Network in the German city of Hamburg where a diverse team of refugees is taking to the airwaves to build bridges and replace fear with hope. On Wednesday 15th February, […]

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Analysis – The way Molenbeek is portrayed in the media shows Belgium’s problem with extremism

In a news analysis entitled “Belgium’s problem with extremism” published in October 2016 on Hate Speech International website, the Norwegian journalist Øyvind Strømmen explains the simplistic approach in the way extremist Islamism is discussed in the Belgian and international media. The coverage of the recent terrorist attacks tended to focus only on the Brussels neighbourhood of […]

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Populist Radical Right in 2017

The working group on extremism, populism, nationalism and xenophobia of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament will organise on Wednesday 8 February a meeting to discuss strategies and responses to populist radical right in Europe. It will take place in Brussels, room A3-G3 from 14.00 to 16.00.   Please see the programme below: […]

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