European Federation of Journalists

EFJ kicks off “Rights and jobs in journalism” project


The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) kicked off a two-year project “Rights and jobs in journalism” in a preparatory meeting held in Brussels with project partners.

The project’s steering committee and representatives from four partner organisations (Trade Union of Croatian Journalists, Slovenian Association of Journalists, Federacion de servicios a la ciudadania de CC.OO, Danish Union of Journalists) discussed what measures can be taken to improve the capacity of unions in protecting the professional rights of journalists and reaching out to new members.

Louise Theil, the recruitment officer of the Danish Journalists’ Union presented its recruitment strategy to the participants and discuss ways to implement the first workshop on recruitment on 11 May in  Copenhagen.

Danish welcome pack
Presentation of the Danish welcome pack for new members

In the next two years, a series of four workshops will be organised focusing on:

– Developing strategies to reach out and service a broad media workers including young, female and atypical media workers;

– Improving media workers’ legal expertise on national and European social and labour rights protections and lobbying for strengthen of these rights;

Fighting unfair contractual agreements that deprive the authors’ rights of journalists and media workers to claim fair payment for their works;

– Strengthening the capacity of journalists’ unions in representing freelance and atypical workers in collective bargaining.

The EFJ will produce a handbook compiling best practices examples and containing results of the four thematic training workshops.

For more information about the project, you can visit the Rights and Jobs in Journalism page or contact Yuk Lan Wong