European Federation of Journalists

EFJ sends letter to Montenegrin authorities about impunity and lack of respect for journalists

The EFJ in cooperation with its affiliate  the Trade Union of Media of Montenegro (TUMM), sent letters to the President, the Prime Minister and other high officials of Montenegro to express its concerns about the increased lack of respect for journalists’ and media workers’ right by the employers on decent salaries, fair remuneration for freelances, trade union rights and the rights to collective bargaining in Montenegro and the region.

The EFJ draws particular attention to the case of journalist Tufik Softic who because of his investigative reporting, was brutally beaten eight years ago. Two years ago, a bomb was thrown in his backyard. The case has not yet been resolved. The journalist has been provided constant police security since February 2014. This is emblematic of the atmosphere of impunity in Montenegro.

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