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Croatian Journalists’ Association: Do not publish unverified information and hate speech

The Croatian Journalists’ Association (CJA) urges journalists and all other persons in charge in public and private media to be careful and professional when reporting about refugees entering Croatia. The CJA urges journalists to avoid hate speech and not to publish unverified information. The CJA also calls on editors of internet portals not to publish readers’ comments that might provoke intolerance, xenophobia and hate speech.

We urge media to reveal any attempt of political actors, who want to use refugees for political and pre-election aspirations, and to explain and analyse the reasons of refugees for leaving their home countries and coming to Croatia.

The CJA also calls on the Croatian Government and other official institutions to respond to journalists’ questions in due time to allow them to inform the public about all relevant events.

In October, the EFJ together with the EBU will organise a lunch-debate about Reporting the Refugee Crisis: Words and images Matter. More information will soon be posted on our website.

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photo: AFP Photo/Stringer, Refugee Camp, Opatovac, Croatia