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Webinar: Deeper perspectives on migration and asylum

It is always easy to report on migration and asylum issues as it requires journalists to be unbiased while still reflecting the human side of the story.

If you are a journalist looking for inspiration for passionate journalism on the issue of migration, this online course will be useful for you to further your reporting on the issue.

This online course is organised by the Germany based institution, torial academy. It aims to connect migration experts, researchers and journalists from Europe and Africa providing them information and pathways to quality resources.

The course will consist of five live web-video-conference discussions. These will be followed by asynchronous online discussions and accompanying material.

Participation and Certification

The course is open for everybody without registration. Participants, who want to obtain a certificate of, have to register at the registration form before November 3rd. It is expected, that these participants join all modules of the online course and actively contribute to the discussion at the Facebook group.

The online course will run from 3 November until 1 December. It will be in English.

For more information please visit the website at


(photo: torial academy)