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EFJ Focus July 2016

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Dialogue with publishers

I was invited by the European Magazine Media Association to attend a conference about the evolution of media and threats to press freedom on 30 June in Wroclaw, Poland. Following the conference, I also held several informal meetings with other publishers in the media and engaged in dialogue on issues of common interests.We share some common interests with publishers such as the increasing threats to press freedom while we have our differences such as collective bargaining. But we all face big challenges and it requires us to work together whenever possible. Such as the fight against violations on media freedom, making sure diversity and pluralism in media exist, and maintaining strong authors’ rights for journalists while publishers can still flourish.

It is no doubt that both journalists and publishers are under pressure. During the conference, I emphasised the need of more social dialogue, especially in Eastern Europe, in order to build a constructive relationship. If we can manage to unite on press freedom issues, we should be able to find ways for collective bargaining, authors’ rights and to invest in talent for the profession to flourish.

As parts of the EU- funded project “Rights and Jobs”, we will focus on fostering social dialogue with publishers and social partners. This will be our focus for the rest of the year. Let’s engage in dialogue and offer our social partners a chance to be parts of the solutions rather problems.

Mogens Blicher Bjerregård

EFJ President

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