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What is the future of freelancing?

What kind of journalism will be done in the future, what sorts of platforms will be used and where will the money come from? What will be the role of freelancers and entrepreneurs in this changing situation? Those are some of the questions that will be discussed at the Nordic Freelance Seminar on 15–16 September in Helsinki at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Suomenlinna island. It is hosted by the Finnish Freelance Journalists Association (Suomen freelance-journalistit ry) and aimed at Nordic freelancers only.

Participants will also talk about new skills freelancers and entrepreneurs should learn, the relationship between the media and the public and about how to deal with the rising populism, false media and hostility directed at journalists. How will entrepreneurial journalism fit together with journalistic ethics and what kind of problems journalists might face?

Registration will start on 2 May. Each participant is to register in person and pay the attendance fee at the same time. There is space at the seminar for 150 freelancers and the fee for freelance-members of the Nordic unions of journalists is 125 Euros (Vat 0%). It covers the program, lunch and the Friday night dinner with couple of drinks. If you are not a union member of the union the attendance fee is 330 Euros.

More information about the programme here.

Photo credit: Nordic Freelance Seminar