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Turkey : TGS secures a new collective agreement at 9 Eylül daily

Journalists Union of Turkey (TGS, EFJ-IFJ affiliate) announced today (29/09/2017) the signature of a new collective agreement for journalists and media workers employed by 9 Eylül daily newspaper in Izmir (Turkey).

The collective agreement include an increase in salary (+100 TL) for all the workers employed by the newspaper during the first year and a second increase (+250 TL) for the upcoming years. The staff will also receive a bonus (+500 TL) twice a year as a gift, an additional bonus (+500 TL) to cover crèche fees for workers under aged children, an exceptional gift (+1500 TL) for workers getting married, 700 TL for each baby and 500 TL for educational support, women workers can get half a day off per month for menstruation reason.

“TGS has a long history of 65 years as a union defending and enhancing workers’ economic and social rights. This collective agreement with 9 Eylül daily newspaper is set to be a model for all the local newspapers in Izmir. We are calling all the journalists and media workers to join the union and fight for their rights together with us”, said Gökhan Durmus, TGS President.

This new collective agreement is the seventh consecutive signed by TGS over the last three years.

The agreement was signed by TGS President Gökhan Durmus and Misket Dikmen (manager of the newspaper) with the participation of former journalist and Turkish Member of the Parliament Atilla Sertel, Tayfur Göçmenoglu (IGC), Kenan Cimen (IGC), Sadik Pala, Murat Atilla, Hakan Dirik, Suleyman Yildirim (Türk-Is) and members of Izmir journalists association.

Photo Credit : 9 Eylül