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Russia: a journalist stabbed at a radio station’s studio

Deputy editor in chief and anchor Tatyana Felgengauer working for Ekho Moskyv radio station was stabbed in the throat on 23 October at the radio station in Moscow. The well-known journalist is not in critical condition and is said to be stable.

The International and European Federations of Journalists (IFJ/EFJ) have joined their Russian affiliate, the Russian Union of Journalists (RUJ), in condemning and demanding an immediate investigation in the attack.  

Reports said that the attacker used a gas which was sprayed in a face of security guards before entering Ekho Moskyv offices and bursting into a studio located in the 14th floor, where the journalist was working. “The man came here on purpose. He knew where he was going,” the journalist´s employer told reporters, adding that he was detained and handed over to police.

“Any attack, and in fact any attempt to kill a journalist, has always been, is and will remain an attack on freedom of speech, regardless of the political or other views of the journalist,” said the Secretary of RUJ and member of the IFJ Executive Committee, Timur Shafir. 

“We are outraged by this attack against our colleague on duty and urge the Russian authorities to launch  a prompt investigation into the incident ,”added  IFJ General Secretary, Anthony Bellanger. “We also call on Russia to protect independent journalism and media professionals by adopting zero tolerance towards impunity of the attacks against them, which are also a direct attack on a crucial pillar of the Russian democratic system.”

 Radio station Ekho Moskyv is one of the few independent media in Russia which is confronted with threats on a regular basis, according to reports.

 The IFJ has recorded  two killed journalists in Russia since the start of 2017. Several attacks and threats were reported during the year, including at least 13 journalists currently in detention. Some journalists have fled the country to escape the climate of violence and  harassment.

Credit photo: logo Ekho Moskyv