European Federation of Journalists

The art of living with the media

Is Europe more or less media literate? What does it mean to be a human being in the current digital era? Are citizens more distracted consumers and manipulated citizens? How to pay attention to online distractions and be in control of your own media use? Despite the opportunities that new technologies offer in terms of facilitating meaningful connection and proactive civil engagement, educational initiatives have been slow to catch up and policies even more so.

In light of recent political and cultural events, media literacy is now coming to the fore. EAVI is well placed to discuss which skills are necessary to use the media as a personal resource and to engage in society.

The Art of Living with the Media is one day event organised by EAVI taking place in Brussels on the 11 of December. It features speakers from international organisations, academia and civil society working in the media sector.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the new comprehensive EAVI media literacy concept and its constituting sections, critical consciousness, awareness, digital wellness, full citizenship and humanism, to be launched on the day. One interactive workshop on disinformation and a debate on media and migrants will follow.

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Photo : EAVI