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Workshop 26/02 in Brussels – Advancing Gender Equal Media: Challenges, Strategies and DIY Culture

26 February 2019 | 14.30-17.30 | Press Club Brussels Europe

The problem of women’s unequal access to and representation in mainstream media is not new and research studies focused on the European media industry over at least the past 30 years have demonstrated the challenges women face in developing a career in the media and being represented in ways which reflect their lived experience.

Come and join us at the launch of the AGEMI (Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries) project and web platform where you can find a range of useful resources focused on aspects of gender equality, including a large Resources Bank of Good Practices and learning resources which include mini-lectures and filmed interviews with media practitioners on topics such as representation, culture, policy, advocacy and leadership.

Gender issues must be part of journalism education, training and editorial practices.

AGEMI has piloted two activities to build links between students and the world of work through its summer school and internships. Including such activities as part of media education encourages gender-sensitivity amongst the next generation of journalists and thus has the potential to influence the wider media landscape.

A range of stakeholders have taken significant steps to challenge gender inequality in the media. Knowledge exchange is both necessary and timely, particularly in advance of the Beijing+25 review which will take place in 2020 with the aim of informing the implementation and raising awareness of the gender-media dimensions of the 2030 gender-equality agenda.

Join us to celebrate the launch of this much-needed new resource and engage in a productive dialogue to make a change!

The event is free but please register here by 19 February 2019.

/Draft schedule for the launch (subject to change)

14:30 – welcome refreshments

14:40 – welcome and brief background to AGEMI

14:50 – policy discussion #1 – 14:50 –Julie Ward MEP and Michaela Šodjrová MEP

15:10 – media industry discussion #1 – Safia Kessas, RTBF (Belgian public service broadcaster)

15:20 – European Commission (speaker tbc)

15:35 – policy discussion #2 – Cécile Gréboval, Council of Europe, Gender Equality Division

15:50 – Asha Allen, European Women’s Lobby

146:05 – break

16:20 – demonstration of AGEMI platform

17:00 – Safia Kessas RTBF (Belgian public service broadcaster)

17:15 – Martine Simonis, AJP

17:30 – close/drinks reception

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