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Virtual talk: No lockdown for press freedom – misuse of the Corona crisis to silence journalism in Europe

The Covid–19 pandemic has brought the world to a lockdown and revealed just how important independent media and the free flow of information are at times like these. The crisis has unveiled the many factors that can converge to repress media freedom. A freedom that is already under fire from different directions, private and public alike.

On the occasion of the 2020 World Press Freedom Day, the partners of the Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) invite you to a virtual discussion on how to counter the abusive strategies used by governments to limit press freedom in the current Coronavirus pandemic.

When: Monday 4 May at 18:30-20:00 CEST
Language: English
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Hashtags: #WPFD2020 #MediaFreedomRR

About the talk
We present case studies of European countries where governments have taken emergency measures or issued decrees that misuse information laws, limit access to information, allow or increase surveillance, and which lead to direct or indirect censorship.

This discussion has been informed by reports, observations and data collected from around Europe, on both the negative and positive responses that have been used to limit or allow media to continue their work at a difficult time of crisis. Besides worst and best practices, the EU’s responsibility to respond will also be addressed.

Our speakers include press and media freedom experts, policymakers and journalists: Meera Selva, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism – Oxford; Ramona Strugariu, MEP Renew Europe; Márton Gergely, HVG Hungary; Virginia Pérez Alonso, PDLI Spain. Interventions: Attila Biró, RISE Romania; Branko Čečen, Serbian Investigative Center (CINS).

Nora Wehofsits (ECPMF) and Scott Griffen (IPI) will co-host the event.

We look forward to meeting you all online. How? Register here for free in advance to join the talk.