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Ukraine Safety Fund: Journalists in Ukraine are under fire – they need your solidarity!

Credits: CANVA

After more than a week of bombings, airstrikes, and gun battles, Russia’s war in Ukraine is intensifying. Journalists’ lives are at risk. Those who cover the frontlines need first aid kits, flak jackets and helmets, and medical supplies. Those trapped in towns and cities under fire need safe passage, relocation, and humanitarian assistance.

Incredible support and assistance are being delivered every hour of every day by Ukraine’s journalists’ unions – the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU) and the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine (IMTUU). Their work is saving lives and keeping the media alive.

But they need your help. Please make a donation to the Ukraine Safety Fund by clicking here.

Bank details:

  • Name of bank: BNP_Paribas_Fortis
  • Account number: BE64 2100 7857 0052 EUR
  • Country – BE – Belgique
  • Alias of account: IFJ SAFETY FUND ACCOUNT












All funds donated will be used directly to provide emergency assistance to support journalists under threat. Please send your donation with the message “Ukraine”.