European Federation of Journalists

IFJ launches solidarity call for journalists in Turkey and Syria


The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the world’s largest organisation of journalists, has launched a solidarity call to support journalists in Turkey and Syria, following the devastating earthquake that took place on 6 February and affected many media professionals and their families.

Thousands of people were killed and many more were injured by a devastating earthquake that shook south-eastern Turkey near the Syrian border on 6 February.

IFJ affiliates in both countries: DİSK Basın-İş Sendikası, Gazeteciler Cemiyeti Dernegi (GCD), Turkiye Gazetciler Cemiyeti (TGC), Turkiye Gazeteciler Sendikasi (TGS), Syrian Journalists Association, and the Syrian Journalists Union told the IFJ that many of their members are experiencing real hardship and their livelihood has been badly impacted by the disaster.

The day after the disaster, we offered IFJ support to our Turkish and Syrian unions. It took them several days to assess the situation and the needs of colleagues on the ground. We are now in a position to launch our solidarity call and give them the support they need, ” said IFJ President Dominique Pradalie.

The IFJ is calling on its member unions to stand with their Turkish and Syrian colleagues in their hour of need, by considering making a donation, which will go to provide relief to those who lost their homes or have been injured or have loved ones affected.

Donations can be sent to the IFJ’s International Safety Fund with the following message “IFJ Turkey/Syria Appeal’.