European Federation of Journalists

AI Act: Journalists and creative workers call for a human-centric approach to regulating AI


The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) today joined authors, performers and other creative workers and artists, representing several hundred thousand workers, in urging the European Union institutions to agree on a balanced regulation that not only forwards the advancement of AI technologies but also promotes original human creativity.

As the negotiation of the AI Act enters its final “trilogue” stage, the undersigned organisations reiterate their position and insist on the absolute need for a human-centric approach to regulating generative AI in a way that respects fundamental rights.

This approach should recognise, secure and enforce the right to control the use of artistic creations during the machine-learning process. To make sure it protects human artistry and creativity, it must be built upon principles of informed consent, transparency, fair remuneration and contractual practices,” the letter reads.

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