European Federation of Journalists

EMFA: Media sector urges to vote for a journalist’s privilege over content moderation

Credits: AFP / Denis Charlet

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) today joined media organisations in demanding a journalist’s privilege (Article 17) over content moderation, ahead of the vote on the European Media Freedom Act scheduled next week in the European Parliament.

Media freedom and journalistic integrity have not only become the plaything of individual governments in the EU in recent years. Also, very large online platforms (VLOPs), that have become key distribution channels for editorial content, are increasingly exerting influence on the media landscape and restricting media freedom and pluralism. Based on their algorithms and content moderation practices, VLOPs decide who gets to read, see, or hear what, when and where,” the letter reads.

Therefore, media service providers, including journalists, should benefit from basic safeguards to protect against arbitrary interference with editorial content by online platforms. The European Parliament must not settle for less, either in plenary or in trilogue.

Read the full letter addressed to Members of Parliament.