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OSCE toolkit on Artificial Intelligence and Freedom of Expression

The resource hub ‘Spotlight on Artificial Intelligence and Freedom of Expression’ is part of the #SAIFE project of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media and aims to provide information on how Artificial intelligence (AI) conditions our information environment. AI has a powerful role in shaping and arbitrating our information space – influencing what information and content we read, view, and share. This poses challenges and risks to freedom of expression and media pluralism, which can harm society, undermine democracy, and erode human rights. 

The2022 Digital News Report by the Reuters Institute of Journalism at Oxford estimates that 77 per cent of all online news is accessed through so-called “side door” channels—search engines, social media, and news aggregators—that rely on AI systems to both serve and censor the news and information we consume.

This resource hub is a set of guidance to help ensure that digital technologies work to benefit society by safeguarding freedom of expression and media freedom. It focuses on platform governance and the use of AI tools for content governance. 

The resource hub contains information and recommendations: 

  • Thedo’s and don’ts section summarizes key points that policy makers should take into consideration as they develop AI strategies and policies. Thepolicy manual helps to develop human-rights centered AI policies that protect freedom of expression and media pluralism. Finally,key resources explore key readings, research, and materials on how AI systems are being developed and deployed to curate and moderate online content and the impact this has on freedom of expression and media freedom.
  • Aglossary is also available to define and explain key terms used in the toolkit to describe AI-driven technologies.