European Federation of Journalists

Radio France journalists on strike against budget cuts

Journalists and media workers at Radio France have been on strike since Thursday 19 March called by the unions (CGT, CFDT, FO, Solidaires and Unsa) to oppose the budget cuts.

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) and its Broadcasting Expert Group in its meeting on 26 March has expressed their support to the journalists in Radio France to defend public service broadcasting and their fight to maintain quality journalism and decent working conditions.

“The management of Radio France announced a budget deficit of 20 million Euros. The employees are protesting against the potential cut of 300 jobs and the plan for outsourcing. We see the management is becoming increasingly brutal,” said the SNJ-CGT, a member of the European Federation of Journalists.

The elected representatives of the National Committee of the SNJ (an EFJ member) have met this Saturday in Paris reaffirming their support for the employees in Radio France. They denounce the austerity policy which will threaten the jobs and quality of journalism.

The National Committee of the SNJ recalls that the employees of Radio France, TV5, France Télévisions, France World Media and other public media companies are struggling to defend their missions.

The SNJ calls on the government to defend the right to information and media pluralism through the maintaining of a public service broadcasting which is the biggest employer for journalists and media workers. It calls on the management to avoid job cuts when implementing austerity measures.

The SNJ called on all employees of public service broadcasting to mobilise and defend their jobs and quality in journalism in a mass demonstration against austerity on 9 April.

The EFJ joined the SNJ and SNJ-CGT calling for solidarity with the employees of Radio France by taking the following actions:

  1. sign the petition here to share your solidarity with journalists and media workers in Radio France;
  2. make a donation to the solidarity fund by sending a check payable to “Radio France EAC Donations” (CGT Radio France piece 7439-116 avenue du Président Kennedy 75220 Paris Cedex 16).
  3. follow  the Facebook group “The Best of Radio”

For more information: “Why strike at Radio France”