European Federation of Journalists

European spectrum policy needs to sustain job growth, media pluralism and quality content

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), together with organisations representing media workers and employers in the creative and cultural industry have called on European policy makers to ensure job growth, media diversity and quality content in the response to the European Commission’s consultation on spectrum policy.

In a joint response to the consultation, the Wider Spectrum Group (WSG) in which the EFJ is a member of, told policy makers to develop a strong industry strategy that can sustain job growth, media pluralism and quality content.

The group has called on the EU to follow the recommendations made by the Lamy report, an own-initiative report published by a Member of the European Parliament, Mr. Pascal Lamy.

“European policy-makers should take a comprehensive and critical examination of the impact of spectrum allocation on cultural and creative sector growth and jobs,” said the group.

According to the group, the culture and creative sector accounts for 6.8% share of GDP (€860 billion) and 6.5% of Europe’s employment (approximately 14 million direct and indirect jobs). The allocation of spectrum will have serious impact on jobs.

Following the consultation, a strategy report will be published by the Commission this year taking into account the views of stakeholders. In November, the Commission will discuss the EU position on the issue in the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 concerning international treaties governing the use of spectrum.

For more information about the spectrum policy debate in the EU, please visit the website on spectrum.