European Federation of Journalists

What’s your recruitment strategy? Share with us!

The EFJ has created a short survey aiming to collect latest information among EFJ affiliates to provide an overview of the current recruitment strategy, development of services and youth in journalists’ unions.

This will help the EFJ map out the situation in our membership better its services for members in this area in the future. 19 members have already responded. Some of them have also shared their best practices in a workshop on recruitment in Copenhagen in May. You can find out the top 10 tips on recruitment and organising in the EFJ membership. 

If you have not responded yet, respond now! It only takes 5 minutes to answer the survey. The result of this survey will be analysed and published in a handbook on best practices in union recruitment and organising as part of a EFJ project ”Rights and Jobs in Journalism”. 

The survey is for the EFJ membership only. Unions and associations that have responded to the survey include:

  1. SNJ (France)
  2. Cyprus Journalist Union (Cyprus)
  3. DJV (Germany)
  4. ESIEMTH (Greece)
  5. Sindicato dos Jornalistas (Portugal)
  6. Trade Union of Croatian Journalists (Croatia)
  7. Trade Union of Media of Montenegro (Montenegro)
  8. Nederlandse Vereniging van Journalisten (Netherlands)
  9. TGS (Turkey)
  10. Estonian Association of Journalists (Estonia)
  11. Association of Journalists of Macedonia (Macedonia)
  12. Suomen Journalistiliitto (Finland)
  13. FAPE (Spain)
  14. Slovene Association of Journalists (Slovenia)
  15. Polish Journalists Association (Poland)
  16. JUS (Serbia)
  17. Press Workers Union (Cyprus)
  18. Dansk Journalistforbund (Denmark)
  19. BAJ (Belarus)