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Greece: union representative dismissed at Alpha 989 radio station

Journalists at Greece’s Alpha 989 radio station are to meet to consider action following the “unfair, illegal and abusive” dismissal of their union representative.

The International and European Federations of Journalists have pledged their support to Greek affiliate JUADN following the sacking of Georgia Ioannidou.

The union had given the radio station’s board a deadline to reinstate Georgia, who is also a board member of JUADN, but the company failed to act.

In a statement the union said: “Our colleague has been targeted for being a union representative and her persistence in taking up issues with the personnel department such as the overdue payment of colleagues’ salaries. In addition she refused to sign a personal contract which would have resulted in pay cuts. This is the main reason for her employers’ vindictive treatment. Courts of law have repeatedly pronounced such employer practices vindictive and abusive.

“JUADN Executive Board once more condemn radio station “ALPHA 989” ownership for their anti-labour attitude towards an elected union representative, who has been unjustly fired after 17 years of continuous service to the station”.

Union members at the station will meet on Thursday 21 July to decide what action to take over the sacking.

IFJ President Philippe Leruth said: “This is clearly an unfair, illegal and abusive dismissal that should be reversed immediately. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues at Alpha 989.”