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Media Pluralism monitor now in 30 countries: worrying results

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) was invited to the Final conference on “The Application of the Media Pluralism monitor (MPM2016) in 30 countries in Florence on 4 November. The preliminary, but almost finished results, gave some alarming trends, in particular when it comes to the journalistic profession including access, the role of unions and associations in protecting journalists, working conditions, safety and protection of sources.

The Media Pluralism Monitor 2016 analysed media freedom and pluralism indicators in 28 EU member states plus applicant countries Montenegro and Turkey. The CMPF said that since 2015 the structure of the indicators have been improved and there is now more focus on freedom of expression and online dimension of media pluralism. The risks for media pluralism are examined under different aspects and potential threats in a systematic and holistic way, being related to four comprehensive main thematic domains: Basic Protection, Market Plurality, Political Independence and Social Inclusiveness.


“The status of journalists and whether they can fulfil their function and are able to work, is far from satisfying”, said Elda Brogi, scientific coordinator of the CPMF.  Besides very interesting results, national researchers from Finland, Greece, Latvia, Ireland, Poland, Turkey and United Kingdom outlined main challenges in their respective media environment leaving little space to best practice. No country is immune from risks!

Turkey was of course of great concern to all participants. Yasemin Inceoglu said ‘”the EU turned a blind eye to Turkey due to the refugee agreement. There is a need now to revise the country profile after post Coup’Etat situation.

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The full Media Pluralism Monitor 2016 (#MPM2016) will be published early next year.