European Federation of Journalists

Workshop on “Modernising Public Service Media through Innovation and Dialogue”

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) is organising a workshop on “Modernising public service media through innovation and dialogue”. It will take place on the 4 and 5 March in Bucharest, Romania. The workshop will bring together journalists, trade unions and social partners (public broadcasters) to address recent challenges and develop strategies to ensure quality and independence in public service media in a period of digital changes, to improve working conditions of media workers in public service media and to regain trust in the media.

The workshop will discuss the key themes:

  1. Public Service Media in Europe: The challenge for Innovation, digitisation and the future of public service media
  2. Diversity in PSM newsrooms: how to achieve diversity inclusiveness
  3. How to ensure editorial independence in public service media?
  4. Social dialogue: collective agreements in line with changes including need for training
  5. Public service media under attack in Europe


The workshop is co-organised with the EFJ Romanian member, Media-Sind. It is a part of a EU-funded project “Managing Change in the Media” by the European Commission (DG Employment).