European Federation of Journalists

Call for proposals for Press and Media Councils in the European Union

The European Federation of Journalists together with its partners is seeking project proposals on initiatives to support activities of existing media self-regulation bodies.

The objective of this call for financial support is to strengthen the capacities of self-regulatory bodies through support for their initiatives

(1) on advocating, promoting and improving media freedom by preventing or avoiding government regulation through self-regulation ;

(2) on promoting and improving ethical journalism ;

(3) on offering and organising a body or complaint mechanism where citizens and organizations can make a complaint if they believe there is a violation of journalistic ethics.

This call for proposals is part of the project “Media Councils in the Digital Age” supported by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology.

It is open to existing media self-regulation bodies in EU countries.

Two types of projects will be supported:

  • To improve the organisational capacities of self-regulation bodies through supporting their initiatives closely related to the status, mission and objectives of their organisations.
  • To encourage media self-regulation mechanisms bodies to engage and support into the transition to the online world.

The budget for this call for proposals is 20,000€.

Duration of projects should be maximum 8 months.

Questions with regard to this call for proposals can be sent to:

Adrien Collin

Projects Officer

E-mail: adrien(dot)collin(at)fj(dot)org

Tel: +32 2 235 22 03

The deadline for submission of proposals is January 15, 2020, at 24:00 (Brussels Time).