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Expert Exchange Visit Programme: APPLY NOW!

Are you planning the next big move and in need of expert help? Whether it is about negotiating a new agreement, building recruitment and organising strategies to increase membership, or launching a campaign for journalists, the EFJ Expert Exchange Visit Programme can help you find the experts to share good practices among journalists’ organisations.

As part of the EU-funded Trust and Quality in Journalism‘s project framework, EFJ members can request an expert from another affiliate for national training and coaching on union related subjects – collective bargaining, labour rights, authors’ rights, public broadcasting, recruitment and organising and more.

The last Expert Exchange Visit took place within the scheme of EFJ’s project Managing Change in Media. In Romania, lawyer and journalist Dennis Amour, director of the Collective Bargaining Department of the Union of Journalists in Bavaria (BJV); spent two days in Bucharest with leaders of FAIR-MediaSind and representatives of MediaSind TVR to prepare them for the new round of collective agreement negotiation with the Romanian public service media TVR.

Virtual exchanges during Coronavirus crisis: 

In times of crisis, it is even more important to exchange good ideas and practices, and seek help and support. If you would like to know more about certain good practices on how journalists’ unions and associations deal with the impact of coronavirus crisis and protect rights and jobs for journalists, please contact us and we can facilitate “virtual exchanges” between you and the requested expert.

We have collected a series of good practices from our members

What does the Expert Exchange Visit involve?

The participating union/association can invite an expert to their union/association for a two-day exchange visit twice in the course of two years on a subject chosen by the union/association.

What does the Expert Exchange Visit cover?

The EFJ will cover the travel and accommodation cost of the invited expert for the two visits.

What is my obligation?

The union/association requesting for the expert is required to produce a brief strategy planning and follow-up report after each visit.

Nominate an expert

If you have a union expert who specialise in collective bargaining, collective actions, gender equality, labour rights, author rights, etc., please get in touch with us to put him/her on our expert database.

Application form

Please complete the online application form and submit it to the EFJ.

For more information, please contact Yuk Lan Wong.