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New EU Copyright Directive’s workshop: How to get a fair share for journalists

Photo credit: Aaron Burden / UNSPLASH

As part of the EU-funded project Trust and Quality in Journalism, the European Federation of Journalists and its Belgian affiliates (AJP/VVJ) are organising the first session of a series of five workshops that aim to promote best practices and exchange ideas about rebuilding trust and ensuring quality in journalism.

The workshop taking place in Brussels on March 19-20 will gather experts of authors’ rights officer from the EFJ members, media stakeholders and EU policy makers to discuss national implementation of the EU Copyright Directive and how to guarantee a fair share for journalists.

The new directive includes key provisions for the publishing industry and authors, including journalists receiving a share of the revenue press publications generate online using their work, the principle of appropriate and proportionate remuneration for authors, key transparency obligations and the possibility for authors to be represented by their unions.

“The directive represents a major step towards ensuring that journalists and other creators can thrive in the digital economy. We now need to work hard to ensure that its unhelpful provisions are clarified and that it is implemented in a way that guarantees a fair share of the new revenue to journalists in all EU member states”, said Mike Holderness, Chair of the EFJ Authors’ Rights Expert Group.


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