European Federation of Journalists

Mapping COVID-19 support: Germany

  • Media sector (emergency relief)

Media outlets were eligible to the 25 billion euros aid programme, providing they meet the following conditions: decrease in revenues in April and May 2020 by at least 60% compared to 2019 and by at least 50% in the period June-August 2020. Up to 50% of fixed operating costs will be reimbursed if revenues fall by at least 50% compared to the same month of the previous year (up to 80% if decrease by more than 70%). The maximum refund was 150,000€ per company for three months.

  • Specific measures for freelancers

At the regional level:

    Bavaria: up to 5,000€ for three monthsn
    Baden-Württemberg: up to 9,000€ for three months.
    Berlin: up to 5,000€.n
Brandenburg: up to € 9,000 for three months.
    Bremen: up to 5,000€ and 20,000€ after a more thorough examination.
    Hamburg: 2,500€ – in addition to the federal aid.
    Hessen: effectively up to € 1,000 from the state.
    Niedersachsen: one-time emergency aid of up to 3,000€. In March/April, the city of Hanover had a short-term emergency aid package (subsidy up to 3,000€) to support entrepreneurs.
North Rhine-Westphalia: up to 9,000€.
    Saxony-Anhalt: artists and writers received maximum twice 400€/person/month.
    Thuringia: up to € 5,000.
    Rheinland-Pfalz and Schleswig-Holstein did not have their own regional program.