European Federation of Journalists

Věra Jourová: “Journalists need right working conditions”

Picture credit: François Lenoir / AFP.

The European federation of Journalists (EFJ) welcomes today’s statement from the Vice-President of the European Commission, Věra Jourová, on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, on 3 May. She calls on the governments of the EU Member States to support the media sector.

“Member States have the tools available, with the support of the Commission, to help the media sector. And I will do all I can to ensure media are an important element of the European recovery package. Today I ask governments to make sure that journalists are able to work in the right conditions,” she said.

Věra Jourová also thanked “all the journalists who are working in very difficult conditions (…). Journalists are in the frontline to report, check facts and hold governments into account, sometimes putting their lives in danger. They also deserve an applause. And we all have to do our best to help them do their job”.

Věra Jourová called on governments worlwide to take measures to fight the COVID-19 virus while preserving media freedom. “Journalists need to be safe and have access to information.”

“We hope that Mrs Jourová’s appeal will be followed up at national level,” reacted EFJ General Secretary Ricardo Gutiérrez. “We thank her especially for her call to protect the local media, some of which are in danger of disappearing. We are touched by the mobilization of these women politicians – Mrs Jourová after Mrs Pejčinović Burić and Mrs Mijatović – in favour of journalists and democracy. But we remain concerned by the wait-and-see attitude of most states. What are they waiting for to promote greater transparency and ensure the economic viability of the media? The passivity of some governments reflects their fear of properly guaranteeing citizens’ right of access to information. We will remember that.”