European Federation of Journalists

Speakers for June Webinars “Trust in media: Trends Skills and Training in Journalism”

On 23 and 24 June, the EFJ is holding another series of webinars as part of the “Trust and Quality in Journalism” Project. For the agenda and more information, click here. You can register for Day 1 here and for Day 2 here. Below, the pictures and short bios of our experts:

Day 1

Jan Siebert holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on Human Resource Management and Consulting. He joined Deutsche Welle (DW) in 2016 and is responsible for designing, producing and implementing training programs and e-learning courses and supporting the programming department in strategic personnel development matters. Previously, he was an officer in the German Bundeswehr, where he focussed on training and personnel development for 12 years.


 Antonia Rauth is part of the Podcast resort of the Austrian newspaper and media outlet “der STANDARD”. She hosts the daily news podcast “Thema des Tages” and the podcast “Beziehungsweise”, which covers love and relationship issues. She got into journalism when she started to work in local radio stations in the Tyrol while studying comparative literature in Innsbruck. She is living and working in Vienna.




Maria Pia Rossignaud is the Vice President of the TuttiMedia Observatory, a cultural association created in 1996, unique in Europe because companies also in competition share the same table to build the future together with balance and without abuse. She is a journalist, author, public speaker and among the 25 digital experts chosen by the Italian Representation of the European Commission. Her field of research is social, thought, method and business innovation. Director of the first digital culture magazine in Italian, Media Duemila.


Federica Cherubini is an expert in newsroom operations and organisational change, with ten years of experience spanning major publishers, research institutes and editorial networks around the world. As Head of Leadership Development, Federica hosts open-admission courses, bespoke events and private off-the record discussions to equip the current and next generations of editors, newsroom leaders and news executives with the skills, evidence-based research, experience and network they need to shape the future of journalism and build a better and more sustainable future for the industry. You can find her on Twitter at @fedecherubini

Mogens Blicher Bjerregård has been the President of the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) since 2013. He has also been the President of the Danish Union of Journalists since 1999.  Previously, Mogens worked as a journalist at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation “DR”, the newspaper “Bornholmeren” and at the local TV station “TV Svendborg”. 



Day 2

 Orhan Şener is the Director of the Journalism Academy of the Journalists’ Union of Turkey (TGS) since 2019 as a part of a four-year project supported by the EU. He is responsible for all the activities of the Academy including planning seminars, workshops, training, lectures, round tables, etc. He also gives lectures at the Academy himself. Although the Academy has a 400m2 building, the events take place online since the pandemic and have a wide reach among journalists, journalism students, NGOs, and academics all around Turkey. In addition to his role in TGS Academy, Şener is a lecturer and an editor.

 Elisabet Wahl has worked at the Swedish Union of Journalists (SJF) since 2014. Her main focus is on seminars and education for freelance members. They arrange between 25 and 30 seminars every year and the topics vary: Some help new freelancers to handle issues like takes, invoices and other questions related to having one’s own company; but the majority of the seminars are about working as a freelance journalist: How to start filming with your mobile phone, how to research using digital tools and other topics related to journalism in the new digital era. She works part-time at the SJF and part-time as a freelance journalist.

David Bevan is the Operations Director of Cadre Consultants, a media-specific risk consultancy company. He has spent 35 years managing risk and safety issues in hazardous environments with 18 years dedicated specifically to media field safety. He has also trained 6,000 freelance and staff journalists in safety and risk management protocol. He is the author of three media safety booklets written in the last seven years.


Stefania Berretta is an Italian freelance journalist. Since 2019 she has been collaborating with the Ordine dei Giornalisti Liguria (Professional Organization of Journalists, Liguria, Italy) and the regional FNSI to develop the internationalization of the continuous professional education and training of journalists in Liguria, Italy, through the Erasmus+ Programme and international partnerships.


Facilitator: Justine Pecquet graduated in communication from the Haute Ecole de la Province de Liège (Belgium) with a specialization in media. For three years, she has been coordinating the training program of the Association of Professional Journalists “AJPro”.