European Federation of Journalists

Journalists organisations launch projects to address challenges during pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has a great impact on journalists and journalists’ organisations across Europe. The working conditions of journalists has been greatly affected. The pandemic has underlined the importance of journalists’ unions and associations in supporting journalists in this challenging time. More than ever, stronger unions are essential to protect the rights of journalists and their working conditions.

Together with the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) has launched its funding scheme, co-funded by the European Commission, to support its members to continue and develop their core union activities to support the work of journalists.

Following a three-month process of application and evaluation carried out by the independent Evaluation Committee set up by the EFJ, 15 members from Greece, North Macedonia, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Estonia, Portugal, France, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey and Slovenia were rewarded with a total of 620109 EUR to carry out their national projects.

The projects launched by the journalists’ unions and associations will address a wide range of trade union issues, ranging from the safety of journalists, innovation in journalism, trade union digitisation, collective bargaining for journalists to union organising.


As can be seen from the project descriptions below, common problems and goals were identified by EFJ affiliates and the projects are expected to have cross-border impacts. Sharing national experiences and collective agreements among each other and discussing digitalisation and future communication strategies are of high interest.